Wine Reviews for the Average Person

Anytime I get online and look at articles about the “top 10 wines to try this year” or “best wines of 2015” I find a bunch of bottles where the cheapest bottle is $30. I’m sorry, I don’t drink expensive wine, obviously since most of the wine I drink comes from a box. I can’t justify that much on a single bottle of wine outside of extremely special occasions like the one time I had the opportunity to go to a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Dallas with one of my closest friends. We had one bottle that was $75 (probably $30 in stores, you know they mark those up!) but I’ll admit that atmosphere and a good night with good friends was worth the splurge. That being said, if I do buy an actually bottle I prefer the $7-$8 range or maybe up to $12 for a special occasion. I’ve even found decent bottles for around $5! I also live in a very rural area and we have limited wine options and I don’t think they sell anything overly expensive at our stores. So, after that overly long explanation, I’ve decided to share my own wine reviews with y’all! I am by all means not an expert, but all that matters is I love wine!

One if my favorite bottles is Dark Horse Merlot. I’m a big Merlot fan, thanks to my mother-in-law! I do enjoy an occasional Cabernet and I’m warming up to Chianti, but Merlot is my go to. Now, I don’t pay attention to years, because truly, I don’t care. Whether the wine is good or not, I’ll probably drink it and in the rare occasion it’s so bad I can’t drink it, I’ll cook with it! Wine doesn’t go to waste in this house!

Here’s a picture I found on google of Dark Horse (I will start taking my own pictures now that the idea has come to me)

I could talk to you about the different flavors and notes I find in this wine, but truly it means nothing to me. I just really like this wine. It tastes good, it goes great with a steak dinner, or really just about any dinner if you aren’t too picky about pairing food and wine, and it’s a great price! I find it for between $7-$8 depending on the store. Good tasting wine for a good price! I highly recommend you try it!

Ok, ok… I need to make another confession… I don’t care about the different flavors and such in the wine… When I pick a bottle I pick it for the label! I know I’m not the only one who does this!


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