Wine memes any wino can appreciate 

I’ve found these off Facebook and Pinterest. They are too good not to share and all need to be recorded in one spot!

  Don’t lie we’ve all done this… Especially on major shopping holidays! Why go out in public when you can stay home and drink wine while you shop and laugh at the fools beating each other up on the news!

   There’s even wine ice cream they could sell!

  No explanation needed here.

My type of poetry!

Perfect for pool time with friends! Everyone can have their own adult Capri sun!

I actually do recycle, but this still holds true. Mostly cause our recycling program here doesn’t take glass! However, our local Target will take glass so I wait til I have a 2-3 trash bags full then drop them off, usually Sunday mornings when all the other winos in town take theirs too and we all look like raging alcoholics together!

This is my girl friends and I!


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