Box Wine Review!

It’s no secret that I drink box wine. When you’re on a budget boxed wine is the way to go. And you never have to worry about finishing the bottle and having the wine go bad… Though I doubt this is a real problem in many of our households 😉

So tonight I’m going to talk to y’all about Vella. This is our boxed wine of choice. We buy it in a regular basis. It’s a step up from some other cheap wines (I won’t be rude and mention names) and you get more wine for your money then some other higher quality boxed wines. So basically it’s an ok wine for a great price! We usually buy it for $14 a box at our favorite grocery store, it can be around $19 at more expensive grocery stores. And seriously when you get 6 1/2 bottles for $14 and its relatively drinkable I’d say it’s a deal you can’t go wrong with!!! 

The new labeling says 34 glasses. We must be drinking wrong because we don’t get that many! But we also prefer to take less trips to the kitchen to fill out glasses. 

Overall Vella is a great price and decent wine for a boxed wine. It’s by all means not high quality, but when on a budget it’ll do! And it makes the other cheap bottles that much better when you splurge on them! 


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  1. Katrine Eve says:

    There are some amazing boxed wines out there!! They have come a looooong way 🙂


    1. Agreed!!!! Do you have a favorite!? I’d love to try it out!!


      1. Katrine Eve says:

        I do!! It’s called Alandra. It’s a red blend and it’s really really good.

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      2. Awesome! I will look for it in our stores! Thank you fellow wino 😉


      3. Katrine Eve says:

        I do! It’s called Alandra. It’s a red blend. It’s really really good.


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