The Adventure Begins…

I grew up in a very loving home with a mother that cooked dinner most nights of the week. She made it look so easy and I thought her food was just the best. She rarely followed a recipe unless she was baking, and even then the recipe was more of a suggestion. I thought she was just that good. I always hoped that she would teach me how to make the food that I grew up with and that I would be able to cook meals for my family the way she did for me, my sister, and Dad. It’s a long story, but she passed away before I had the chance to learn anything other than her famous pumpkin pie.

I was talking with my sister one day about mom’s food and what we would miss the most. I made a comment that I really wished Mom would have been able to teach me how to cook and share her skills with me. Then she told me that Mom really wasn’t that much of a cook. I started looking back on it and realized that she was right. With the exception of a few meals that she did make from scratch, I grew up eating dinners that were either warmed up or frozen. One of her most famous ones is something we loving called, “The Ham Dinner”. Pre-sliced ham, smothered with BBQ sauce and heated up, with instant mashed potatoes and frozen mixed veggies. My other favorite was the fish sticks and ranch with a macaroni and cheese side dish. Nothing fancy, but she fed our family.
Flash forward to the present. When I first moved out on my own, I lived on a diet of macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, and the ability to dial for take out like a pro. If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, you know that that is a skill all its own. I now find myself a married, 30 year old, full time working woman, with ZERO actual cooking skills. I have slowly been trying to develop them, and I’ve gotten lucky a few times and made some awesome meals. But for every awesome meal, there’s 2 or 3 cluster f**** that even the score. Some are completely due to my inexperience, and some, I believe, are the universe sending me messages screaming “GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN”. Then you have probably the most common reasoning, just me being me. I’m learning as I go with this, and if nothing else, at least I’m getting some good stories. And my husband and I are both still alive which means I haven’t managed to poison anyone….yet. WINNING!!!!

Now, where did I put wine???? OH RIGHT! I had to set it down on the counter so I could clean the meat sauce off of the floor, front of the oven, …..and my bath robe.


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