How a Wino Does Pregnancy

Well the secret is out! In case any of you were wondering where I went and why there has been a lack of average person wine reviews, I have been out of wine drinking commission for over 2 months now since I found out I was pregnant!

I am just entering my second trimester and the reality is really setting in.This will be our first kid and I am feeling a bunch of emotions, mostly terrified and excited. I am loving the amazing parts of pregnancy like seeing your baby move for the first time on the ultrasound and watching the baby bump grow… and battling with the not so fun symptoms of pregnancy like “morning” sickness aka “all day I feel like shit and want to puke and can’t eat or drink” sickness and extreme fatigue. I’ll confess that sometimes my hormones take hold and when I see those cute pregnant gals with their beautiful shining skin with no pimples, and smiling faces with no bags under their eyes cause they are somehow getting enough sleep, and they haven’t had any nauseousness and food aversions, I want to punch them. Surely a black eye or bloody lip would make me feel better, or maybe that’s just the hockey player in me. (I hope y’all realize I am joking!)

Now I have to tell y’all, giving up wine wasn’t a problem. First, because I want the best for this little being growing inside me, and second, because in a cruel twist of fate, I became completely repulsed by wine. My first trimester was filled with all day sickness, only made worse by any kind of meat, the fridge (I still struggle with this one), anything cooked really, ginger (still makes me gag to think about which is funny since it is supposed to help that upset tummy), and of course wine. My husband still wanted to enjoy an occasional glass of wine and when he did I would sit on the other side of the living room with a blanket over my nose so I couldn’t smell it. My girl friends invited me out for a girls night one night at the wine bar and I was too early to start telling people, I made excuses for why I wasn’t going to drink such as needing harsh painkillers due to back pain and giving up wine for Lent. I’m sure you can all imagine my relief as the night approached and every one backed out due to sickness and other commitments. Not that I didn’t want to see my friends, I love girl nights, but I feared walking into that bar and seeing and smelling all the wine and being able to keep the tiny bit of food I was able to consume that day from ending up on the floor. During this time I became a hermit. I was so miserable and the fatigue was kicking my ass as I tried to work my multiple jobs (don’t worry I am cutting down on the working!). I could hardly eat anything outside of fruit and eventually even developed a severe repulsion to plain ol’ water making it hard to stay hydrated  (vitamin water became my best friend). I would come home from work and smell my husband cooking dinner, and run to the bathroom where I would sit all night, rarely actually vomiting, mostly just dry heaving praying I would vomit because it may give me 5 minutes of relief. The few times I was able to get an actual meal down, it wouldn’t stay down for long. At my first appointment they offered me a prescription to help with the nausea and I happily accepted. The meds helped at least a little bit, and I was able to be mildly more functional. However, they came with one poopy side effect… constipation. Now this is a common side effect of pregnancy anyways, only worsened by the meds. I won’t give you too many details on this, but I do have to give you the funny image of me so constipated one night I sat in my hallway in my underwear, balling my eyes out, and crying “I just wanna poop!”. We all need a little humor and to be able to laugh at ourselves during these tough times.

My first trimester was a challenge. I was supposed to be excited, and while deep down I was, I was so sick it was hard to feel anything but just that, sick. I was also frustrated because my skin was breaking out in huge pimples that felt like volcanoes ready to burst and there was nothing from the store I could safely put on them (I’m also allergic to many topical acne treatments which just complicates things further). And I was so tired I would actually sit down on the dog bed at work and close my eyes for a few. But coming into the second trimester I am starting to feel better. The fatigue is better, still there after a long day, but I at least don’t fall asleep on the couch at 7:00 anymore (I wait til about 8:00 instead). The nauseousness is improving. I still can’t open the fridge without covering my face or risk dry heaving, but I can eat a real meal (no meat yet, but we are getting there). The acne is still a battle, but I finally have the energy to try to make an appointment at the dermatologist to discuss safe options to help treat it. And now the truly cool parts of pregnancy are happening. I am a science nerd, so the biological side of pregnancy is fascinating. The woman’s body is amazing and you truly discover that when you see how your body adapts to this little being growing inside of you. Yes there are not so fun parts, like sore boobs and weird skin discoloration, but it is fascinating as well. My husbands favorite part is watching my belly grow. It’s just a little baby bump right now, but its there! He likes to look at it when we are sitting on the couch, then poke it because its firm and weird, and then just rest his hand on my belly because he just thinks it’s neat and is just as fascinated by this little being growing in there. And the ultrasounds are amazing. The first is special to see that heartbeat for the first time. Then in the second one the baby starts to look more human and we were even lucky enough to see our little one moving around. It will just get more and more special from here.

Now, back to wine! I will tell you guys, that I may not be able to drink wine or be near it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to feel classy and drink from a wine glass! There’s just something that makes you feel better holding that special glass in your hand, no matter what is truly being drunk from it. So, I drink everything from a wine glass! Water with a lemon (before I was so repulsed by water), juice, diet pepsi,vitamin water, you name it, I drink it in my wine glass. I will say though, pop is way better in a champagne glass for some extra class 😉

My husband is promising to do some wine reviews for you all as well, and once I am not repulsed by the smell of wine I will try to do some alcohol removed wine reviews for the other pregnant winos out there! If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

And just in case any of you were wondering… it’s a girl! We did a blood test and were able to find out early 🙂






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  1. champagneorcoffee says:

    love this post! you woulda punched me in the face. the best is to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well you are my bestie so that comes with the territory 😉


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