Kentucky Derby Party

It’s been over a week now since Nyquist won the 2016 Kentucky Derby, but like every year the hype is still there wondering if this is the next Triple Crown winner.

We have a fun tradition with some other couples that we are friends with; each couple picks a leg of the Triple Crown and throws a party with authentic dress, food, and decorations.

While I get prepared to throw our party for the Preakness next weekend, I need to share with y’all some of my dear friends Kentucky Derby party decorations and food. This gal is so creative and does such a great job bringing a touch of Kentucky to Idaho.

First, here are some of the hats of the party:

And now some super fun decorations:

As essential to every Derby party is the roses. This is the run for the roses after all.

And you can’t have a Derby party without the bourbon

Such a cute mint julep station! Mint juleps are the official drink of the Derby! There are tons of recipes out there, we used an Alton Brown one this year.

For food we had: beer cheese dip, Benedictine dip, pimento cheese dip, and lots of veggies and bread to dip all this goodness in. I’m going to make a confession here… Hot Browns are another staple, but we keep forgetting them because we get into the mint juleps a little early.

And then there was the cheesecake. Y’all, I am seriously proud of this cheesecake. It was a bourbon vanilla cheesecake with a pecan graham cracker crust and bourbon glazed peaches on top.

Here’s the link to the recipe for the peaches and the crust:

I used my own cheesecake recipe and just added a teaspoon of vanilla and tablespoon of bourbon. And I’m sorry but it’s a secret family recipe so I won’t post mine. If you have your own classic cheesecake recipe, just add to bourbon and vanilla to it. Or use the one posted above, I’m sure it’ll be decadent either way.

The only thing I think I’ll change next time is making the peaches before serving the cheesecake so they are still warm. And add a bourbon salted caramel sauce. Drool!

For recipes, hat ideas, and decoration ideas… Follow our Kentucky Derby board on Pinterest:


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