For the Wino…

Things I need or that describe me and my fellow winos.

These shirts describe me perfectly. I apologize I don’t have the links for these t-hirts, the pictures are from my phone.

Boxed wine… No truer words could be spoken… Credit to The Berry for this photo

This one is from, another website with a good sense of humor!

I found this gem on Pinterest and sadly don’t know where to find it or credit it to… if it is yours please message me so I can give proper credit, and probably buy one!

Ok so Stinky Candle Co. is amazing. These guys are seriously ingenious. Because this page is all about wine I have to post the wine candle. But they have a variety of other “stinky” candles ranging from ones that might actually smell good to ones that would be great as a silly gift. It is also a small company and all made in America. I love to support small businesses like this and think their idea is so fun! Personally, I’d really like the zoo candle, working at the zoo was one of the best jobs ever and I’d love to see how authentic the smell is! Now if only they could make a barn candle that smelt like horse, leather, sweat grain, and hay…


This was shared on my Facebook by 3 separate people this holiday season. Because why wouldn’t Santa want wine with his cookies!



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