Preakness Party 2016

Spring and summer are fun for a variety of reasons, the number one being its bbq season! And we are always looking for a good reason to have a bbq and party! After the inaugural Kentucky Derby party was such a success last year we decided to keep the parties going and host a Preakness party, and another friend took on the Belmont!

The Preakness doesn’t have quite the traditions that the Derby does but that didn’t stop us from trying to bring a piece of Maryland to Idaho!

For attire, the Preakness is a little more casual then the Derby. Sundresses with sun hats and preppy outfits for the boys is perfect. You don’t need the wild and fun hats like the Derby, but a simple, pretty sunhat with a few flowers is perfect. Or you can throw an “infield” party, which is more of a drunken college festival. If I were younger I’d be all over that, but instead I think I’ll stick to the preppy.

For decorations, you need some sort of black eyed Susan type flower. Now this can be hard, since they aren’t in season. And even though they are the official flower of the Preakness, the blanket of flowers and all the Lack-eyed Susans at the race are actually daisies with a painted middle. I decided to use sunflowers and yellow daisies for my decorations. The colors are right and that’s what counts in my house. I also throw in some Tiffany blue since the trophy is made by Tiffanys.

For food we kept the Maryland theme going. I’ll admit this was tough for me since much of Maryland’s traditional cuisine is seafood and I’m not a seafood eater, thank goodness for BBQ! We made pork ribs, crab cakes, coleslaw, Old Bay sauce, and jalapeño poppers. We also threw in some fruit and veggie trays, those are always great fillers for any party!

I’m going to make another confession here… Our ribs aren’t the traditional Maryland style, we did Texas style cause that’s what we know and like. But all that matters is that we had BBQ at our party.

My lovely friend made the crab cakes with old bay sauce for dipping. They looked beautiful and heard they tasted amazing. And that plate she had for them was too perfect!

We usually wrap bacon on our smoked jalapeño poppers, but left some naked as a vegetarian option.

And last but not least, the traditional drink of the Preakness, the Black-eyed Susan. Now, there are multiple recipes out there claiming to be the true traditional recipe. We had two different ones depending on your liquor preference. I recommend for your party to look at a couple of recipes and choose based on your personal liquor preference. I do have a few links below for you to check out too!

The official recipe from the Preakness website: http://www.preakness.com/preakness-tradition/black-eyed-susan-official-drink-preakness

If you like whiskey instead of vodka, this is a good option for you: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/05/18/the-only-black-eyed-susan-recipe-youll-need-for-the-preaknes/

This gal’s blog is called Merlot Mommy… I think I need to be her friend… http://merlotmommy.com/black-eyed-susan/


At the end of the race, we broke out the traditional game of Crockett. What a hoot! It was a flash back in time watching people play!

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