Happy Father’s Day Double Wine Review

Happy Fathers Day to all those dads out there! 

In honor of my husband, father of a four legged fur baby and father to be to our human baby, we decided to splurge on a bottle for him and a bottle of alcohol removed for me. 

I chose Fre brut. I wanted something sparkling tonight, I have an obsession with bubbles. It explains my pop addiction too, it’s not the pop I crave, it’s the bubbles (though I just can’t get into sparkling water though I keep trying!). Ok… Ok… Maybe a mild caffeine addiction too, but I have been monitoring my caffeine intake very closely and stay way under the amount by Doctor cleared me for. Anyways, let me get back on topic! The Fre brut is a great alternative for anyone looking for alcohol removed/free options! I’d been drinking sparkling ciders, but they are too sweet (coming from someone with a major sweet tooth this says a lot!) and some are too juicy. While the Fre brut doesn’t compare to a bottle of prosecco (me and the girls favorite sparkling wine choice) it’s the best alternate for a bottle of bubbles when you can’t have or don’t want to have alcohol. 

The wine my husband picked out for himself was Expedition merlot by Canoe Ridge Vineyard in Washington. I asked him to tell me about it and he said “it’s good. I like it. It has hints of red wine”. A simple review from a simple man. It’ll go well with the steak he picked out for dinner. So there ya go ladies, want a wine your husband might like? Try Expedition! 

We even broke out the nice glasses for dinner tonight… This doesn’t happen often! You know it’s a good wine when the bear glasses come out. And for $14 it’s a perfect splurge for a special night! 


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