Non alcoholic beverage review: kombucha

When going out with friends, finding non alcoholic beverages outside of coke and water can be a challenge. And when you are trying to cut down on drinking coke and have drank enough water and are burnt out on the boring taste (ok I just hate water but make myself drink it), it can be nice to find other options! Most restaurants don’t have many options outside of your basics, but we have a new Tap and Fill pub in town. This place is just down right neat. They have over 40 different types of beers that you can buy by the pint or growler. Most of them are micro brews and are always changing, bringing in some variety! They also have wine, and you can get beer and wine flights so you can sample many different kinds! I was thrilled when our friends decided to meet here for a drink. If someone was going to have a non alcoholic beer option it was these guys! 

What I got wasn’t quite beer, it was kombucha. This particular one was coconut like and the fact it was made in America, and brewed and such like beer, I felt safe drinking it. And it was delicious! 

Now, I’d heard of kombucha before and reading about it does not make it sound appetizing. I couldn’t remember the details when I decided to try it and looked up what exactly it is later. And I’m glad I waited so I didn’t let my fear of weird foods and drinks overtake me. While I will stay away from homemade varieties or sketchy sources of kombucha, I have to say the one I was served was refreshing and perfect to not be left out from my beer drinking friends! 


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