Rio Olympics Opening Ceremonies Celebration

Katie and I look for any reason to throw a party. Seriously, if we wanted to deal with other people’s drama we’d be party planners! But we have too much fun doing things our way 😉

The opening ceremonies for the 2016 Olympics in Rio was a perfect reason to throw a party! Katie has family in Brazil and I just love the Olympics, so this was a fun party to plan! There’s something magical about the Olympics, and the world coming together to celebrate!

We decided to use Carnival as a theme for our party since it is a huge part of Rio culture!

You have to have some feathers and head dresses to celebrate Carnival proper (Carnival is like Mardi Gras in ways, but way better!)

And you need flags to represent the host country and your own country(ies)!

Add in some fun miscellaneous decorations and there you have it, your Olympics party is almost ready!

For food we looked up some traditional recipes of Brazil. We made Brazilian cheese bread, chimichurri, steak with Brazilian marinade, and feijoada (a seriously delicious Brazilian stew). We also had mangoes and bananas that are fruit from Brazil (if you can find jackfruit at your local store, get it!). I didn’t get any pictures of the food as people dug in and ate it all before I had a chance! But follow my board on Pinterest and you can find any recipes and links there!
Click Here to find me in Pinterest

We all had a blast watching the Opening Ceremonies and cheering on our countries! Let the games begin!!



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