Nursery on a Dime

Pinterest is full of amazing designer nurseries of all colors and themes, but boy when you start getting into the details setting up your nursery can get expensive! You can spend $1000s just on furniture and decorations alone! 

Luckily, Pinterest is also full of DIY ideas making a more cost effective but equally as cute nursery! 

I struggled with my nursery theme and colors for months after we found out we were pregnant and with a girl. I knew I wanted animal theme somehow but all the colors I liked where to “boyish”. And I couldn’t find anything in stores that I truly liked. I finally decided on a moose and owl animal theme as they are some of my favorite animals to see in the wild (I’d like to note I loved owls before they were the trend). Once I had a start to my theme I turned to Etsy for inspiration. And I found the perfect blanket. 

This little blanket gave me my color inspiration and was my one true splurge for the nursery. I love Etsy, you can find some of the best homemade items and I love supporting small business! 

From here I started the rest of the nursery. We found our crib second hand and only had to buy a dresser that matched, saving us a lot of money!

 I was also given a glider that I used cheap sheets in my coral color to recover. I only wish the wood matched the rest of the wood or that I could paint this white and it’s on my list to figure out how to do. 

I found some cute owl canvas paintings at Hobby Lobby and Ross for 40% off making them under $10 a piece. 

And then I made some of my own pieces for the wall! The Owls were little roof cut outs from Walmart for $2 a piece that I painted my colors. 

And for the moose we printed out sillouettes and traced them onto these boards then painted them ourselves. The boards cost me about $10 a piece.

Then my mom came to visit and helped me get together the finishing touches. We found this cute picture at a neat vintage store: 

And we found this cute little table and lamp at the same store. 

So while my nursery may not be something out of a Martha Stewart magazine, I have to say I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! And it cost under $700 for everything including the big furniture! 


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