Wine Memes Part 2

So today on Facebook, my friend posted this hilarious photo of someone’s list of “eternal damnation” and do y’all see what is right there with thugs and porn freaks… Yoga pants! I didn’t realize yoga pants were so offensive, but to all their own. My friend and I shared a good laugh over this photo, discussed drinking wine in our yoga pants, and made plans for getting a glass of wine in our yoga pants, at our own houses, cause you aren’t drinking alone if you are texting someone else about drinking…

Anyways, it’s almost the weekend or so I am told. I am enjoying my maternity leave so every day is Saturday for me, but for the rest of you, enjoy the rest of your week with some good wine memes!

Forever 30 would be an ok name too. I’m not sure why this store isn’t a real thing…
Either way I think I look pretty cool

This is more of a message from tequila…

Words to live by
I’m also confused at the need for wine stoppers…
The space under my desk is a great place to hide with a nottle as well
This brings up a good point, but I think I sound cooler calling them yoga pants… it leaves people wondering…
If only I was technology savvy and could design an app…
Being a new mom I have discovered the need for coffee… it goes well with my need for wine
Enthusiastic for more wine…
Glad to know I will always have a friend in wine
The perfect solution for this is the wine bra!
This gal needs some yoga pants to wear with that wine



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