Wine Review: Freemark Abbey

My husband ran to the grocery store by himself tonight. He was supposed to pick up 3 items; eggs, milk, and our standard box of Vella wine (we’re classy I know). His first words to me when he wialked in the door were 

“I shouldn’t go to the store alone”.

 He then pulls out a bottle of wine and proudly states 

“I bought a $45 bottle of wine!”

 Before I could respond he backs up why he spent $45 telling me about his awesome wine app and how this bottle usually retails for $110 and we don’t ever buy wine for that much so he had to try this wine. My thoughts were for that expensive of a wine, this wine had better pour itself it be a never ending bottle that keeps magically refilling. He also went on and on about how he heard 2012 was a great year for Napa Valley wines while I rolled my eyes and told him to open the damn bottle.

So we opened up this magical bottle of wine, a 2012 Freeman Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon out of Napa Valley. And let me tell ya… I’m starting to understand why people spend that much money on a bottle of wine! I just started drinking wine again after having my baby 3 weeks ago, and was thrilled with my cheap box wine. And this bottle blew that shitty box out of the water. I’m not sure how I’m going to go back! I still have some of my favorite moderately priced bottles such as Dark Horse and Bogle, but this Freeman Abbey wine is a seriously special treat. It’s not as sweet as my cheap box of wine, and a little bit dryer, all in the most satisfying way. 

So I will say, that while I will mostly stick to my more cost effective wines, I was very impressed with this expensive bottle and won’t roll my eyes (too much) at my husband the next time he decides to try an expensive bottle as a very special treat (even if that special treat is simply that I can drink again!). 


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  1. Your husband is a saint! Keep him …and the great wine.

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    1. He’s pretty awesome! I’ll admit I’m pretty lucky 😉

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