Wine Review: Josh

Can I make a huge confession… I am so happy to be able to drink wine again! Pregnancy was tough, and now that my baby girl is here, a glass of wine is so refreshing after a long day of changing diaper blow outs, cleaning spit up out of my hair, and comforting a baby that I can’t figure out why she’s crying (ok, sometimes she pulls her own hair and I have to carefully open her little fist so she will let go before she gets too hysterical and rips her own hair out… Seriously) Even though I have to moderate how much I drink while I breastfeed, that small glass I allow myself is well needed and not to be wasted on shitty wine. 

We have started splurging on nicer bottles since we don’t drink as much wine at a time anymore. Also, my in laws were here this weekend. I learned my love of wine from two wonderful woman… My mother and my mother in law. And whenever my mother in law comes to town she always stocks our wine collection with decent bottles. 

We tried a few new bottles this weekend. One of them was called Josh. It is a vintage 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon from Josh Cellars (look at me using big words like vintage while discussing wine… My tastes have matured!). I think I will place this bottle in my top 5 list, up there with Wild Horse, Veramonte (our absolute favorite wine from Chile that is so hard to find) Cassilero de Diablo (our second favorite wine), and Bogle (or Dark Horse, these two switch back and forth). 

I don’t know fancy words to describe wines nor can I describe the undertones well, but I can tell you this wine is enjoyable. It’s not too sweet nor is it too earthy (I think that’s wine terminology). It’s easy to sip on and refreshing when you just need a good glass to unwind too.  We can find it locally for $13 a bottle, so it’s a little higher end in our world, but still reasonable. 


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