Essentials for Every Wino

So, I have decided that I want to start my own wine themed clothing wine, called… you it.. Yoga Pants and Wine! While the logistics are still in the works, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Here are some essential t-shirts every wino needs as well as other totally unnecessary but 100% needed wine themed things.

This makes the Harry Potter nerd in me happy

Instead of Scandal I’d want Grey’s Anatomy or Shameless

Just in time for Halloween…

It’s like the know me personally…

Because Buzzfeed has the best lists ever…

I seriously need this in my life… I am still bitter I never got my letter

I’m making these at our next wine… er.. craft night

To eat in your sweatpants with no bra on

These are getting snuck into the next movie I see in the theatre…

Perfect cookies to go with a bottle of wine




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