A Moosey Halloween

Having a newborn in the house causes a lot of changes to happen in your life… Such as not thinking about a Halloween costume until a few days before a Halloween party.

Now, I’m not one to run out last minute and buy whatever costume I can find. I like to put a lot of thought into what I am dressing up as, whether I buy it or make it.

So what do I do for myself and my 2 month old baby. I’ve seen lots of adorable baby costumes but they are all more suited to an infant that can actually hold their head up fully on their own. And I refuse to pay $50 for a cheaply made ugly baby costume, I think that’s a little excessive for a baby the age of my little one.

I got my inspiration for our costumes 2 days before Halloween at bath time. I have a bunch of those adorable animal hooded towels and was using the moose one that night. My husband hadn’t seen that one yet and was excited about it being a moose as moose are one of our favorite animals. We both swooned over how adorable she was in her towel and lightbulb! I decided I could wrap her up in the towel and she could be a moose for Halloween! And I could easily wear a sweater and make myself an antler head up! And my husband could just wear his hunting gear and be a hunter!

So here is how I made my moose antler headband!

First, make sure you have a glue gun. This is the most essential crafting tool I own.

Next, draw one antler on cardboard and cut it out. Then trace it onto another price of cardboard for the second antler. Obviously you need to cut that one out too. Then pain both sides of your antlers with a cream/ light tan color. This may take a couple of coats, but don’t be afraid to leave some brush strokes, think about what a real antler looks like!

To make the ears I used felt and fake fur. I used the felt for the inner ear and glued the fake fur around it to make it look like a realish ear.

You will also need a headband (pink was the only color they had in the store!) you’ll want one that’s thinker so you have room to glue everything onto it. And you will need another piece of fake fur to wrap around the headband (and hide that pink!).

We used the headband to outline and cut out the bottom of the antlers so they would fit flush with the headband.

Glue the antler to the headband using the handy dandy hot glue gun! We also used thread to tie around the antler and headband to really help stabilize the base and keep it from wiggling to much. Then use more glue to stabilize it further.

Glue the fur around the headband, then the ears to the headband on top of the fur. I also put a touch of glue on the antlers to keep the ears from flopping too much.


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