Wine Review Tuesday: Omero Pinot Noir 

If motherhood has taught me anything in the last 2 months, it’s don’t waste your time on overly cheap wine. Ok, ok motherhood has taught me lots of things, but this is a wine blog so let’s talk wine!

I am still a bargain shopper when it comes to wine. I have my bottles of mana juice as we now call it that are decently priced and oh so delicious. And I’m not against trying that bottle that is on clearance for $5, but I’ve decided to step up my game. Being a breast feeding mom I am limited on how much and when I can drink, so the wine has to be worth it. I’m no longer drinking for the wine buzz, I’m drinking for the enjoyment of the beautiful red or white liquid in my glass. I’ve dropped my cheap box of Vella and I’ve ventured into some classier bottles.

One such bottle is this bottle if Omero Pinot noir. This is a kind of wine that I hadn’t ventured into before. And it was highly satisfying. My husband picked this bottle up for me from a charity wine auction for a local school. And I must say he did a good job. He’s a keeper.

Since I’m trying classier wines I decided to look this one up and learn more about it.

This wine comes out of Williamette Valley in Oregon (one website said Washinton but upon further review I think its in Oregon). The north west corner of the country puts out some delicious wines, watch out Napa Valley! gives it 88points, I give it a thumbs up for being delicious. Apparently there is tart cranberries and raspberries with French oak… I taste wine, delicious, delicious wine. But it does have a nice tartness too it I will admit. This may be a good option to go with the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner!

Over all this was a successful wine for us to venture into another new style. A good choice if a classier wine for that fancy dinner with friends!


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  1. Nice post! I’ll have to try that wine, I love Pinot from Willamette. Just a nit – but you said from Washington state, but I think you meant Oregon?

    If you get a chance try Sass wines from Oregon as well – good quality and good price. Worthy of mama juice. 🙂


    1. Hm online it says that particular bottle is from Washington, I will have to check the vineyard out further and see if maybe they have multiple locations! I will have to look for Sass wines! Over here in Idaho we can be so limited in our selections 😦 but we are discovering the world of ordering online!

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