Wine Review Tuesday: Girl & Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 

Yoga Pants and wine got a remodel! I decided I needed to be more consistent with my posts and made a schedule that encourage me to blog more. So welcome to Wine Review Tuesday! 

One of the best ways to try new wines is to check out the clearance section at the local grocery store (though I will want you, there is a reason those bottles are on clearance!) or to join a wine club! We get offers in the mail all the time and buy a subscription for my mother in law every Christmas for a wine club. The great thing about some clubs is if you don’t like the wine they will send you new bottles at no charge! My mother in law sends us all her malbecs every year and gets more bottles to try herself! 

But this year, we decided to venture out ourselves. I have to give Laithwaites credit for their marketing. They suckered us in when we were able to order 12 bottles for $80 (and they weren’t my typical $5 bottles!) and I got a free fancy wine opener, which was needed since I broke two of mine this year and the only one left is the CO2 powered one that I am afraid of after my mother in law broke a bottle using hers. All I have to say is thank goodness for box wine! Anyways, back to the original train of thought… I needed a new wine opener that I could actually use, so when we saw this deal we couldn’t pass it up! 

Look at the beauty! It recorks your wine too, though who recorks wine! Isn’t it pretty! I feel so classy when I use it.

And look! My wine rack is full!

Actually there were more bottles piled around there but we already drank some… 

Anyways. One of the new bottles we tried was Girl & Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon. I love a good cab. They are in competition with Merlot for top place in my heart. 

My friend brought this over to drink with us while our puppies had a play date. Wine and puppies, can’t get much better then that!!! 

This wine is out of California and I felt like watching a cheesey sci fi movies about dragons while drinking it. Forget the fact that the two puppies playing sounded like dragons growling at each other. 

I can’t find much about this wine online. I guess it has dark, fruity flavors… Which is kinda a big duh as its a red wine… Overall a decent wine, fun to drink with a girlfriend but not really one I’d go out and buy myself. 

Next time she’s bringing a bottle called Black Hole. I love having friends as nerdy as I am who buy bottles for the labels! 


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