Queso and the Iron Bowl

Another Iron Bowl has passed and sadly my team this year did not win. We are die hard Auburn fans in this household as my husband went to Auburn. Saying those horrible words “roll tide” in our house is worse then dropping the f-bomb in front of the baby. 

The Iron Bowl is the biggest game of the year in college football. Maybe even bigger then the championship game. I went to Colorado State where football was fun, but not life like it is in the south. Meeting my husband opened my eyes to a whole new world and I love every minute of it. 

Despite our teams loss this year, a good game of football is always reason for some good food. This year we kept it simple with some yummy homemade queso. It was super easy y’all! 

We cut up half a cube of velveeta cheese, added a container of cream cheese and a can of homemade Rotel, threw it all in a crockpot and left to melt on low. 

Mmm look at those ooey, gooey, cheesey deliciousness. I’m even going to forget the fact that it has velveeta in it because on its own velveeta is horrifying and disgusting. But as queso… Mmm… The cream cheese adds a lovely creaminess to it and the Rotel adds the perfect spicy kick.

Go home, make some queso, and your day will be better. You can thank me later. 

And on an end note… War Eagle! 


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