Wine Review Tuesday: Stella Rosa Stella Rosso

While trolling the wine aisle at Winco the other night, this pretty bottle stood out to my husband for some reason. 

We took this pretty bottle home, and I poured us a glass while he grilled is some dinner. We truly had no idea what to expect as we didn’t see an actual type of wine on there. To my surprise when I poured the glass, it was like a sparkling red wine! Red wine with carbonation! This wine has my heart! My main reason for drinking pop is the carbonation. 

The next weekend we had some friends over for a birthday dinner. The birthday girl excitedly pulled out a bottle happy to drink this “girly wine” with some friends as her husband didn’t like it! Sure enough, it was another bottle of Stella Rosa Stella Rosso.

I like this bottle, I can find it for 10.99 at Winco, it’s a little more expensive then most of the sparkling wines I’ve bought in the past and it is well worth it. I will buy this again for many a girls night. It’s also a lower alcohol percentage then most wines, making it a great indulgence for a night out for a breast feeding mom! 

This is a great sweet, bubbly wine that I can’t wait to buy again! 


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