Wine Review Tuesday: San Pietro

My brother in law was in town and cooked all kinds of fancy meals for us while he was here. He prepared us a steak one night with a sous vide… A very interesting little cooking device that I recommend you all Google. My steak was delicious. We paired it with a Chianti wine because apparently Chianti goes good with steak.

My husband loves Chianti wines. He says they are spicy and he loves everything spicy. Me… I like spicy to a degree, and I don’t love “spicy” wine.

So I’ll admit this bottle wasn’t my favorite.

My husband however liked that it wasn’t a white wine… Which confused me because we rarely drink white wine. He really just likes that spice of a Chianti and any red wine that goes with steak makes him happy. He claims it tastes like a dryer merlot, and you all know how much we love merlot.

Here are the notes from the wine club:

When I read the tasting notes, I find that I tend to not love wines with tobacco in the.



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