Crafting Thursday: Pillowcase Dress, a Pinterest Success

I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I am so excited! I went to the fabric store the next week, and my lord, this is going to be dangerous! There is so much fun fabric. The projects are spinning through my mind so fast, I almost got dizzy in the middle of the aisle!

The very first thing I made was a table runner with some Kentucky Derby fabric I found. KENTUCKY DERBY fabric! AMAZING! I had such a hard time choosing which one to buy from all the options and will probably go back for another pattern or two. My table runner was very basic, fold fabric in half and sew. It was a good project that was simple to introduce me back into the world of sewing. And it’s going to look great on the table at this years Derby party!

Anyways, my next project was a pillowcase dress. Having a little girl is so fun! There are so many fun patterns out there to make for them! I decided the pillowcase dress looked simple enough for my first real sewing project.

I used two different websites that I found on Pinterest to guide me through my first pillowcase dress. I’m not going to lie, I used these as a guide and kind of made up the dress as I went along.

This is the fabric I picked for my first dress. I love zebras. How stinking cute is this!

Ok, random rant for a moment. My biggest pet peeve in the blogging world is on DIY websites, whether it is a pattern to make something or a recipe, when people ramble on and on and about unimportant details and show 5 billion pictures of the exact same thing just from a different angle. Ok, its only like 10 pictues, but you get the point. Give me one or two good pictures of the final product, and otherwise, show me pictures of the process! Ok, I apologize, rant over.

I took pictures of my process, and I am sure that my technique is going to make many sewing queens cringe. But, my final product turned out ok and you can only see the mistakes if you look closely, which would be completely unnecessary.

After all these steps of awkward sewing, this was my final product! Seriously, my baby girl is going to be so cute in this dress! We are going to Texas in April where we will be taking her to my old zoo I used to work at, with zebras of course, and this will be the perfect dress for her to wear!


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