I’m back!

Well, I had unintentionally taken a hiatus from the blogging world as I try to find balance with my current full time job, being a mom, and starting a side gig that involves, you guessed it, wine!!!!

I’ve become an Independent Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard. I get to do in home wine tastings! Seriously, dream job anyone? Drinking wine and discussing wine and food with good people, priceless! And I’m learning about wine and what makes good wine and how to differentiate good wine from over processed junk that’ll still end up in my house because sometimes you just need that cheap bottle because wine…

I’ve been struggling in my career as I look for new goals to work towards. I like to work hard and learn and grow in my job, but when you don’t have a goal to work towards that becomes difficult. We are getting a community college in my town however, and I am excited to maybe be able to go back to school. I would love a 2 year degree to compliment my bachelors. I will have new goals to work toward in going back to school and finding a new career. And I’m planning on my wine ventures to help me work towards those over all goals.

Also, can I just tell y’all how much I hate boogers! Like, seriously, they make me gag! I’ll save my booger stories for another day. 

2017 has been a fun year if horse race parties, babies, and of course wine! And we are only halfway through! Cheers to another half a year of fun parties and boogers! Hope y’all join me and share your adventures too!


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