Boogers Make Me Drink Wine

So the other day I was putting my sweet almost 9 month old baby to bed. She’s a day care baby so a snotty nose is a common occurrence in this house. And I’m gonna tell y’all straight up… boogers freak me out. Baby vomit … no problem (ask me again in a few years and I may be changing my mind on this one), blow out diaper… gross but bring it on! Non of these things are enjoyable by any means, but you want to truly make me squirm, bring up boogers. 

Anyways, back to my story. I was nursing my baby before bed, savoring in the sweet snuggles and what a fun day we’d had when I looked down, and to my horror, I saw the biggest booger on my knee. My baby must’ve wiped her nose on me and she crawled into my lap to get extra snuggles. Y’all, I was petrified. I felt like the blob was sitting on me knee and it kept growing and growing and was going to consume us all. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, I felt like it was burning a hole through my jeans so it could latch onto my skin and infect me like a parasite. And I couldn’t move. I was nursing my sweet, gross, boogery baby and didn’t dare disturb out night time ritual. So I just stared, and the booger stared back. I’ve never been glad to put my baby down to go to sleep before, usually I savor this cuddles as long as I can. But that night, I had a war with a booger. I put my sleeping baby in her crib, grabbed a couple of wet wipes (I mean, that booger could not touch my bare skin… it could’ve come to life like the blob…) and I cried with relief when that darn booger was safely wrapped in the wet wipes and tied into a trash bag. I immediately took the trash outside and then settled down for a well deserved glass of wine. And I cried some more. 
Seriously y’all, boogers are gross. 



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