The Great American Eclipse and a bottle of wine 

We were “fortunate” enough to be in the line of totality for the Great AnericanEclipse of 2017. For weeks our town prepped for the massive influx of people expected in our area. The town prepped so much that come eclipse weekend, our town was a ghost town! Truly, it was great. We could go anywhere we wanted and there were no crowds or traffic! 
Of course, in honor of the eclipse we had to find the perfect bottle of wine. 

Our choice was Valley of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2013 cab out of Sonoma County. 

Can I be totally honest!? For once, I don’t remember anything about the wine! The eclipse itself was so incredible (which I admit I was a total skeptic) that it actually over shadowed my wine! Which means this wine was nothing special. It wasn’t terrible (I’d remember that!) but it was nothing to write home about either. The label was perfect for the special occasion but the wine itself must’ve been subpar. 

But seriously, who else thought the eclipse was actually seriously badass? 


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