My name is Kamaria!

I live in Southeastern Idaho. I love the outdoors, cooking, crafting, and drinking wine! I am be all means not a wine expert, most of the wine I drink comes from a box. But I love it. I love the social aspect of having craft night with a glass of wine with my girlfriends.. ok, ok… it’s wine night while we talk about the crafts we intend on doing, but you know, the intentions are good! I also enjoy going outside to hike, hunt, snow shoe, ski, look for wildlife and take pictures. My husband and I run a small wildlife and nature photography business as a hobby. I love to travel and would love to travel to more exotic places in the future to take photos and try new food (ok, nothing too exotic here I am not very adventurous) and experience new cultures!

I hope for this blog to above all just be fun. It will be a little random at times, but that is just me. I will post about wine (duh), funny things from my family and friends, crafts and recipes (with guest blogs from my brother-in-law who is a gourmet chef in the making), photos from our adventures (you can also find us on Facebook, search for Wild Griffin Photography!), and maybe some occasional, fun, silly fashion ideas (leggings, sweater, and cute boots! I love cooler weather!).


Check out my other blog! https://wildgriffinphotography.wordpress.com/


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