Wine and Pinterest Thursday

I love Pinterest. Whoever created it needs the Nobel Peace Prize. It was a lifesaver when wedding planning, and it is my go to for recipes and party planning. A lot of people pin things and never use them, I only cook and craft by pinning first (Ok, ok maybe it’s an addiction… crafts and cooking goes great with yoga pants and wine though!)

So this is my page dedicated to my few and far in between successes from Pinterest and my more common Pinterest Fails. I will always include the original link and give credit to whomever necessary as well!

My girl friends and I also like to have wine…er… craft nights!I will highlight the different things we cook or craft with our wine on Thursdays!


Spring Wreath

Monster Book of Monsters

Wine Corks

Pillowcase Dress


Almost Fail Oatmeal Cookies

Baby footprint


Homemade Rotel Tomatoes

Queso and The Iron BowlQueso and The Iron Bowl

Southwest Corn and Black Bean Packets