Oatmeal Boobie Cookies… an almost Pinterest fail

Get on Pinterest and search for recipes to boost milk supply and the options are limitless. I decided to try these oatmeal cookies:


The first time I made them, they were delicious! And I’m going to make a confession. I was super lazy and didn’t feel like going to the store for more sugar and butter and only had half the needed amount and skipped the brewers yeast as I had yet to find it in this town. And somehow, the cookies still came out delicious! I even added cranberries and coconut for more deliciousness.

The second time I decided to make these cookies wasn’t quite as successful. This time I had the brewers yeast as my neighbor finally found some and I decided to follow the recipe more closely, while still adding coconut, cranberries and chia seeds for some added healthiness. But I forgot one essential ingredient. The oats.

I though my first two batches looked a little different then the ones I made last time, and as I was putting the third batch on the cookie sheet I realized my mistake. I decided to save my last batch and threw in a handful of oats.

They weren’t quite as good as the last batch, but truly, for the randomness I threw in, they turned out pretty ok! I highly recommend these cookies to all moms, breast feeding or not. They are delicious and packed full of healthy ingredients!



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